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Awake Dating 3D City is a Member Only 3D rendered discussion platform, where Members can mix and talk with other Members about topics that interest them.All in a 3D world where you can display emotion, give and receive gifts, and interact in a Secondlife-esque rendered environment.d) ABK-Experts is a remote team of outsourced specialists, mostly made up of ABKs former coders, who offer custom programming work (modding) for owners of ABKs software solutions.Graphics and Design Department ABKs Graphics and Design Department is a 'busy hive' where Web-Designers, HTML and PHP coders, Flash Designers and 2D/3D Artists collide to form a squad, which is in charge of producing the layouts, skins and designs for ABKs products.Awake Dating- the place where people ‘get’ you Our members can customize the theme of their profile, with premium features such as video wallpapers, video greetings Manage your ‘wall’ with updates links, comments and interests-much like the largest social sites Upload and link video and photos, and text or video chat with other users.Awake Dating features the latest in social networking, with our 3D City.

- with the 3D city providing a multitude of creative options.

ABK is a US-based Software Development Company registered in 2001.

With over 8 years of experience behind, it is well-known for products like Chameleon, Oryx and MIXER!! ABK has mostly concentrated on the development of online dating engines and social network software, like My Space and With a staff of over 40 people, including qualified coders, designers, webmasters, administrators, managers, and a friendly skilled support and sales team.

The office can be considered an independent Graphics and Design company.

The Future ABK is as active as ever bringing life into some new ideas to the industry: Flash Spaces - a social network engine fully based on the latest Flash scripting technologies, adding dynamics, interactivity and color to classic online dating websites.

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