Who is syleena johnson dating

Her latest album, , is another example of her connection to her artistry as well as her diverse musical talent. Johnson recently, and here is what she’s been up to.Tell us about the single "My Love." Syleena: "My Love" is a single produced by Pierre "The Maven" Medor, out of Atlanta.We're actually stronger than before because we recognized the issues and tried to tackle them before they got out of hand. I sent the album to Tangie Moore of Tier2 Films, which is a very close friend of mine, who is an amazing writer and movie producer; her and Rick Atari.

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It's not like it’s a ‘Trapped In The Closet’ or anything like that where we're interpreting the album. Syleena: Well, there's a more in depth story of why he’s not on the album, but for cliff notes, we're just going to say the stars just didn’t align for this particular project. I like the song they have; it's one of my favorites. He’s going to be like the next Chris Brown; the next Usher.

Kandi Burruss hangs out each with her co host Dj Aone and Nikki Nicole with special guest to share experiences, stories, and facts.

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) is an American singer and songwriter whose style blends R&B, funk, blues, jazz, gospel influences fused with hip hop.

Musiq Soulchild has had 2 platinum albums, 2 gold albums and 7 hit singles.

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