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In the lawsuit, Cheryl claimed that the star at the high point in his career earned to around 12 million dollars and based on it Arsenio was paying very less in child support. He thinks it is unfair to make him pay child support by his highest earning phase. Caption: Arsenio Hall and his son at the red carpet of BET Awards 2009 During his time in the Oprah’s ‘Next Chapter, on’ he was gracious enough to share the feelings from his time off.

You might have noticed Arsenio’s absence from the limelight for about five years, but he made a great comeback by appearing in Celebrity appearance in February 2012. He mentioned about his slim chance of having children even though he badly wanted a son but that all changed when Arsenio Hall Jr. He was a sports fanatic but never had the opportunity of watching or playing games with his father, so he wanted a son who he would give the things he never could experience. I wanted you like my dad wanted me.’” Caption: Arsenio Hall Moved to Tears about His Son in Oprah's Next Chapter in 2013 We might not have any much information about Cheryl's life after Arsenio, but Arsenio Hall has definitely moved on from her.

He was born in Ohio, the USA on February 12, 1956; he is the son of Fred and Anne Hall, while his father is a Baptist minister.They don’t want to lose the custody battle and compromise the company of their children.So, custody battles often take a gruesome turn like for actor Arsenio Hall.Recently she is known as a comedian and talk show host.Arsenio Hall has an estimated net worth of million dollars and also earns a huge salary with high bonuses, and he also was known as an expensive standup comedian.

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