Updating sansa fuze

The Sansa AMSFirmware page explains the firmware file details needed for porting of Rockbox to Sansa v2 models. Please note that all ram on the V2 fuze is inside the CPU package so its total ram cannot be upgraded.

A growing collection of extracted firmware files can be found at Daniel's Sansa Series v2 Firmwares If your firmware version is 1. Also note that the board layout of the Fuze V2 is very different from that of the Fuze V1, although many parts (LCD, controls, headphone jack, power switch, etc) can be swapped between the two models in case yours is in need of repair. Attached are photos of the upper side of the board and the underside.

Alternatively, the open-source, platform-independent Video4Fuze application can be used.

Video4Fuze offers more options and the ability to save the file to a computer instead of having the device plugged in every time one wants to convert a file.

The 4 GB model comes in nine colors (red, blue, black, orange, white, grey, purple, lime and teal), while the 8 GB model is only available in black or grey.

The Sansa Fuze , announced on August 31, 2010, in capacities of 4 GB (US), 8 GB (US) & 16 GB (US9), is a portable media player with a 2.4 inch color display (QVGA) and touch capability.

It also features an FM radio with FM recording, a voice recorder, and 24 hours of audio playback from a single charge.

Two versions are available, a 4 GB model for US and an 8 GB model for US.The player can also function as a Windows Media 10 and up device when USB mode is set to MTP.The Fuze's USB cable utilizes a proprietary connector that is compatible with its predecessor, the e200 series, as well as the c200 series.The Fuze supports MP3, WMA, PCM WAV, and, since the 1.01.15 firmware revision, OGG Vorbis and FLAC audio codecs.The Fuze can display both pictures and videos, both of which must first be converted with the Sansa Media Converter software for Windows; this program converts images to BMP format and videos to Div X-AVI, with specific parameters that make the media compatible with the device.

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