Updating an identity column sql server

The clustered columnstore index permits data modifications and bulk load operations.Although it has limitations, the clustered columnstore index still represents a significant step forward in providing an indexing strategy better suited to the enterprise data warehouse.Only when setting a column to NULL OR NOT NULL will cause blocking.But to set the NULLABLE attribute, you need to use ALTER COLUMN instead.It is easy to include this guide in Markdown format as a part of a project’s code base or reference it here for anyone on the project to freely read—much harder with a physical book.

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Once the threshold is reached, SQL Server will automatically update the statistic(s) defined in the table.Although columnstore indexes offered significant performance gains over their traditional counterparts, they were not without their limitations.Most notably, in SQL Server 2012, there was no way to create clustered columnstore indexes, and the nonclustered columnstore indexes could not be updated.You can add a default value to a new OR existing column in SQL Server without dropping it.Specifying a default constraint should not cause any blocking.

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