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One of the biggest pieces of advice that I dispense to them is to take language classes.

Universities generally do a fantastic job of teaching them, they're a super-useful lifelong skill, and they're generally an easy 'A'. The big question is, which languages should you take?

On my first university study trip to a Spanish-speaking land, one of my American peers let slip that her real goal was not to study at all, but rather to find romance and, heck, maybe stay in Santiago forever and ever in the arms of some new Chilean lover. ” I have to admit that in (semiology) class my mind did start to wander to Chilean flings or love or whatever, and others’ minds wandered too, and I know for a fact that at least three out of the group of 40 American students ended up actually Chileans that they met that semester.

“I mean, really, honestly, that’s everyone’s goal on this trip!

Oxford, the city of ‘dreaming spires,’ is steeped in rich and fascinating history and home to the world famous Oxford University.

There are many recognisable sites in Oxford, such as the ceremonial buildings and churches, museums and galleries, quiet parks, boat trips and lively cafes.

We offer all kinds of language learning or cultural events near you to encourage you to speak in real situations and meet with international friends, expatriates, locals, students, business travellers, couchsurfers...: check out our next classes, courses, workshops, language exchange meetings, polyglot cafés, international parties, trips and all kinds of events in France, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Bolivia, Brazil, United States, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Ecuador, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Mexico, China, Ukraine or ANYWHERE in the world!

If you have any ideas for new activities, or if you want to see more of your favourites, email us at: [email protected] and we will see what we can do for the next programme!Please read our guide on how to Run a Give it a Go including all of our terms and conditions.Any questions about running a session, send us an email on [email protected], you can either practice online (private messages or chat room) or offline during tandem sessions or language exchange meetings.Follow your friends, share tips and learning techniques.

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