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Mr Gray described the release of the video - which the police chief said at a follow-up news conference on Friday was simply done because of 'media requests' - was a great distraction from the main issue.

Darren Wilson, 28, was nowhere to be seen at his white middle class home in the suburb of Crestwood where he moved just a year ago.

After his death, the reputed relics of Saint Thomas the Apostle were enshrined as far as Mesopotamia in the 3rd century, and later moved to various places.

and the name Thoma remains quite popular among Saint Thomas Christians of India.

Police later revealed that the officer who shot Brown was unaware that a robbery had taken place When asked about the police's timing of releasing the robbery video along with the name of Officer Wilson today, the police chief said he did so because 'you asked for it' - referring to Freedom of Information requests from the media regarding the shooting.

He added that he had 'sat on the video for as long as he could'.

Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson said the shooting had been 'devastating, absolutely devastating' to Wilson, adding: 'We had no complaints about the officer. Police named Brown as the primary suspect in the robbery - but later admitted Officer Wilson had no idea he was a suspect when he stopped him The lifeless body of Michael Brown lies in the Ferguson street on Saturday.

He is informally called doubting Thomas because he doubted Jesus' resurrection when first told (in the Gospel of John account only), followed later by his confession of faith, "My Lord and my God", on seeing Jesus' wounded body.Once I began my own research into the original records around 1970, I quickly discovered that most writers on Pettus genealogy relied upon someone else's work and that the pioneers either did not do the necessary research or else misinterpreted whatever fragmentary records they did find.Good evidence has come to light in the past few years that immigrant ancestor, Thomas Pettus, married Ka-Okee, daughter of Pocahontas by her first husband, Kocoum, an Indian brave who died in a battle with the Susquehanna tribe!Traditionally, he is said to have travelled outside the Roman Empire to preach the Gospel, travelling as far as Tamilakam which are the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in present-day India.According to tradition, the Apostle reached Muziris, (modern-day North Paravur and Kodungalloor in the state of Kerala, India) in AD 52 and baptized several people, founding what today are known as Saint Thomas Christians or Mar Thoma Nazranis.

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