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Here every attempt at greeting by kissing would end up in the air – there’s just no cheek to kiss. Whether the physical body contact of a hug is really more distant then a short kiss on the cheek is questionable, but maybe it’s because it’s so cold in the North, that Nordic people seize each chance to get some warmth.In Sweden, the equality between men and women isn’t only important when it comes to law and order, but also when you’re dating.

And as a man, assuming that you should pay may be considered rude as it would suggest the woman can’t pay for herself, although she can and wants to. The success factor of a date depends equally as much on the man as the woman.It is just as usual for a woman to ask a man out, as it is the opposite.In fact, many think it is necessary if there should be any dating at all.It is so awesome and wonderful to see people share their stories and help each other. R – Rude; if you don’t know the ways of Swedes, they can be perceived as rude.This post is being closed now because it has more than 200 comments!!! This is especially true if you believe the man should pay for dates, etc when he is more in dutch / equal paying.

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