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The pair are then seen grappling over the postmaster's turban, with the robber - who was wearing blue shorts and a grey jumper - slashing at the postmaster with his blade.

As a panic alarm sounds, he then rips the turban from Mr Thethy and flees via the front entrance of the Post Office.

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Three men were arrested, taken for questioning and later released on police bail.

The group claimed that this was a ‘peaceful protest’ against the scheduled Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding ceremony) between a Sikh bride and non-Sikh groom.

They also claimed that they are not opposed to interfaith marriage per se – stating that Sikh and non-Sikh couples can have a civil marriage and also receive a blessing – but that the Rehat Maryada, a code of conduct developed in the 1930s, reserves the Anand Karaj for Sikhs exclusively. Protestors turned up with heads and faces covered and some were carrying kirpans.

This caused damage and disorder."Three men were arrested for public order offences.

They have been released on police bail, pending further inquiries, until the new year."There were three officers who received minor injuries from objects thrown from the back of the crowd.

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