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Ohhhh, e tell me say my car no…I dey video am sha, normal…love Male voice: E don sign am (Judith , whilst on the phone, pulls lecturer’s trousers stripping him nearly naked) Male voice: Judith, let him sign the cheque first now. Male voice 2: Sign it first Male voice: where is the car key Male voice: Sign it first Judith: (Appears to be talking on the phone ) Honey?SAN ANTONIO - The San Antonio Police Department fired two East Side officers last year after an internal affairs investigation determined that they repeatedly disabled the GPS units on their patrol vehicles and engaged in sexual misconduct with one another while on duty, suspension paperwork obtained by the KSAT 12 Defenders reveals.Officer Eman Fondren, a four-year veteran of the department, and Officer Rebecca Martinez, who had served in the department since 2010, were both handed indefinite suspensions, which is tantamount to being fired, last April.The woman, who declined to be interviewed by The Defenders for this story, was involved in a fight with an off-duty Martinez on Christmas evening 2015, according to SAPD and county court records.The woman was charged with misdemeanor assault and taken to the Central Magistrate's Office.

Not a few who have heard have expressed shock and doubt about its veracity and have kicked against the authenticity of the results announced by the condom manufacturing giant.Put this oon , wear that one Lecturer: I will wear it on top of it Male voice: wear it on top. It is my own Male voice 2: I wanted to give him my knicker if he he can pay for it Female voice: Go sit down.Your own no pass money (she says apparently to the boy who wanted money for his own shorts) - instead make una dey beg my sister Male voice: I don beg o. Judith: ( says something in local Edo dialect) (Lecturer makes a pleading gesture to person filming the incident. Judith: (apparently in answer to lecturer’s quiet question) I don’t know them o Lecturer: (to man or men behind camera) My friend (Judith derides the man’s privates ) Judith: John Thomas (laughs) Male voice 1: Judith, wey the check wetin e wan sign. Judith: I no see am see check Lecturer: E no bounce check now I have the check Male voices: Oya sign them now. Ale voice 1: okay I have somebody that can verify it for me Lecturer: As soon as they pay in June salary, you cash it Male voice 2: June salary? Female voice: Put your hand down Judith: Put your hand down. Put oyour hand down (Lecturer complies revealing a shrivelled up peen) Judith: Put your hand down. Sheybi you for don pass me (meaning she already got a passing grade from an earlier sexual encounter with the professor) , make I go. Lecturer: the other time I didn’t know your number then Judith: Ah, ahn, you didn’t know…you did it intentionally Lecturer: No, no, no no Judith: So that I will come and you'll do it again , so that you will f**k Lecturer: Me! (Shouting) Let him sign the cheque (Whilst Judith is pulling the man’s trousers) Female voice : Let am sign the cheque Male voice: let am sign the cheque Male voice: no worry, e no bounce (man talks inaudibly) Male voices keep calling out to Judith Male voice; leave that man Judith (still with phone to her ear says to lecturer): Put your hand down Male voices support her request by shouting the same to lecturer Male voice: What are you still waiting?

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