Peavey delta blues dating

In 2014, Peavey closed its UK distribution and manufacturing operations, citing that while the UK facility was originally a manufacturing plant, the lower cost and advanced techniques of Chinese manufacturing deemed it unsustainable.

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Peavey Electronics Corporation is an American company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets professional audio equipment.

It is one of the largest audio equipment manufacturers in the world, headquartered in Meridian, Mississippi, United States.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear there’s a blues jam in a bar directly across the street from the International Longshoreman’s Association Hall, I’m interested.

Since its foundation, Peavey Electronics has been privately owned, and has grown from their humble beginnings in Hartley's basement in the 1950s. magazine profiled the global success story of music and audio innovator Hartley Peavey and Peavey Electronics Corporation.

"Hartley Peavey dreamed of becoming a rock star," wrote Inc.) of manufacturing/assembly area over 33 facilities across North America, Europe and Asia, 18 of which are located in their home state of Mississippi.

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