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Madden, 35, is guitarist/vocalist for the pop punk band and the rock duo The Madden Brothers.

He has written music for the “2014 MTV Video Music Awards” and “The Voice.” Selena Gomez has sold her house in Tarzana for .45 million.

A coffered-ceiling dining room sits off one side of the hall...

Selena Gomez has sold her house in Tarzana for .45 million.

The potential for awkwardness there was probably too much, and, it's likely that Joel didn't want to make his best man have to face his spotlight-hogging ex-girlfriend any more than Nicole wanted her spotlight-hogging ex-friend to steal any attention away from her.

No wonder then, that X17 reported that Benji gave an absolutely adorable toast, thanking Nicole for his niece and nephew and telling her publicly how excited he was to finally have her as a sister-in-law. In less than cute news, also reported that Nicole had security guards confiscate cell phones at her wedding to avoid anyone leaking pics before she could sell the rights, and some of the guests were miffed.

She has previously broken off engagements to the Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis and the model Jason Shaw, and dated a several wealthy men including the a 40-year-old film producer Saloman and the Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.We're very close." She went revealing her feeling towards the Good Charlotte musician, "He's such an amazing man. He's a very special person; there's no one like him ...I still have feelings for Benji." Clearing up the infidelity rumors that are surrounding her and Benji's separation, Paris claimed neither of them cheated on each other.He was joined there by Paris’ sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, Ashley Benson, Keyshia Cole and other celebrities.Hilton posted an Instagram video from the night, in which her handsome new man presents her with a massive cake while the rest of the crowd sings “Happy Birthday.” In another new Instagram picture, meanwhile, the ex-reality star is embrace from behind (not like Zylka was previously engaged to model Hanna Beth, but they broke up in 2015. Hilton has been with businessman Thomas Gross, Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and Hills star Doug Reinhardt. We wish this relatively new couple nothing but the best!

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