But it’s unclear if the business receives those messages when they do login and can then respond, or if they are off into Never Never Land.

If you are wanting to test this feature out for your business listing, you will need to contact Google My Business Directly as they do not have a signup for it yet, or even any support documentation for the new feature.

When using custom signs in Sandy, it's generally best to order a custom size. When you select Rush production and Overnight shipping, your order will arrive the next business day! Make your Sandy business stand out with car magnets, magnetic business cards and more!

Not all Sandy vehicles are the same size, and neither are our car magnets!

Google has introduced a new chat feature through Google Hangouts for businesses listed through Google My business that allows potential customers and businesses to chat with each other online.

Chat functionality has been popular on many websites, particularly the types of businesses that have the need for support.

The chat window is superimposed over top of the Google page for the business you are chatting with, so users can still reference information about business if they like.

If there is no one from the business available, it still does open up a chat window, which is definitely different from most live help chat platforms.


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It doesn’t give any indication on the search result page about whether or not there is someone available, is simply says the hours of operation.

So that would definitely be an improvement, and would also bring it in line with other similar services.

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