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After years of questionable choices, Christy, a single mom, is sober and trying to get her life on track.

It’s challenging especially because she lives with her mother, Bonnie, who Christy still considers the root of her troubles despite the fact that she has also gotten sober.

Through all of this, Christy and Bonnie rely on their support system from AA, including wise Marjorie, the wealthy and sometimes misguided Jill, and the overly emotional Wendy.

Together they help each other stay sober and face whatever life throws at them.

Pearson built a 3-dimensional model of this data set (which remains in the care of the Statistical Science Department) to illustrate the ideas.

Now mother and daughter are working to overcome their past mistakes and build a better future for their family.

Christy has gone back to school and is pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer, while Bonnie attempts to have a healthy romantic relationship and figure out what she wants to be when she grows up.

It’s different if someone you’re casually hooking up with asks for anything you don’t want to do with them.

Say your prepared phrase and suggest a different direction — “I’m not into that, but I really liked what we were doing before…” If your partner ruins the mood by sulking, or if they try again when you’ve already said no, then it’s time to stop hooking up with them.

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