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For those parents who do have a sense of humor and who may not find profanity particularly offensive and who live in the real world. I guess it's nice to know that you're not alone in your child's bedtime struggles. Jackson should narrate a book for every single stage of life, from being born to the grave. This book is one that will be shared from one exhausted, fed up, delusional, red eyed, sleep deprived parent to another. I laughed throughout this whole book, it was hysterical!! Who am I to judge, you have to answer to that man above, well that or social services but whoever you answer to, just know that it was worth the risk. One for his first child and one for his second child.It may not actually be all your fault and you may have a relatively normal child & are not in fact a horrible parent. I honestly think it's worth the money, one may beg to differ but my whole family got a kick out of it. This is clearly not meant to be read to the children, and is more for the parents to get a good laugh.He is the 2010-2011 New Voices Professor of Fiction at Rutgers University. I suppose I should start with - This is NOT a childrens bedtime book!It is a book for parents whose children refuse to go to sleep! It's real, overworked, frustrated beyond belief, about to loose your mind at 3am, inner parent monologue.AGCO manufactures complex agricultural machines at low volume with the goal of helping make today's farms more productive and more profitable.All AGCO solutions are custom, which can require over 1,000 precise steps to build correctly. At DHL, there is a supply chain process called ''order picking” where employees fulfill customers’ orders by scanning items from racks before moving them into totes or bins on carts.

Worshipping any God is thus worshipping by proxy those who invented that God.

I was shocked to find that some reviewers, apparently completely forgot to read the title of the book before purchasing. I originally bought it for a friend who was having some serious issues getting her little one to sleep. This is the BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT EVER- If the parents-to-be have a good personality!

Subsequently, they also seem to have been horrificly ambushed by the fact that they have absolutely no sense of humor. She called me after one particularly rough night & thanked me profusely for giving her the book. That and a DNA test and your the hit of the baby shower!

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