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So volunteers from the Los Angeles LGBT Center and SAVE, a Florida LGBT organization asked voters what they thought about the recent law?

Would they watch this video and talk about their reactions?

In early 2015, a team of 56 volunteers knocked on the doors of conservative voters in Miami, Florida to talk about transgender rights.

Local officials had recently passed a law that protected transgender people from discrimination, but LGBT organizations were concerned about backlash, repeals, and counter-legislation (of the kind recently seen in North Carolina).

By state law, sex offenders have to return to the county in which they lived when they committed their crime. However, there are 19 municipalities in Milwaukee county, each with different restrictions on where he can live -- various buffer zones around areas children might be -- schools, parks, daycares and so on.

No one has given him any information on what those rules are, and he knows one wrong move can put him back in prison.

Could they talk about a time when they had been on the receiving end of negative judgment or stigma?

Did that help them to understand what a transgender life is like? It was a deliberate strategy, and it worked—durably and dramatically.

Municipalities across the state have codified this with ordinances that restrict where offenders can live.In a typical con, the perpetrator will spend weeks or even months building up a romantic relationship with a victim through e-mails, texts or phone calls, before eventually asking for money.And many of the scammers aren't even in the United States.A man calling himself "John" messaged her and through daily phone calls and messages on Facebook, he gained her trust.He spoke with what she thought was a British accent and his picture on Facebook portrayed a nice-looking man with graying hair and a beard.

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