Mya harrison who is she dating

Congrats to Monica for finally getting the type of MONEY MAN she deserves.US R&B singer Mya has hit back at critics who condemned her appearance at a Miami strip club over the weekend.Trackmasters produced and beckoned Hov to drop the legendary verse. The video is a time capsule of bejeweled bandanas, baggy jeans and jersey dresses. November 21, 2016: R&B singer Mya is off the market – and if she plays her cards right, she may never have to work again!!!An unleashed dragon and Mya in a red mandarin dress gave me retro chills. Record industry [is] shady [and] needs to be taken over for real.Her subject matter felt more genuine than Brandy and Monica. https:// Lg2Bwk4I She created her own lane and “Best of Me” paved it.A quick peek at her Twitter and Instagram pages will tell you she has a close relationship with her fans, she’s into nature and positivity, she performs all over the world and has aged gracefully. She runs her own label, Planet 9, where she releases all of her own music.

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" Another added: "Bow you my boy, but you sound stupid coming for a woman.

The set is essentially grown and sexy while still sounding like the Mya you sang along to in the early 2000s.

These days, Mya releases her music without the heavy promotion that brought chart success for hits like 2000's “Case of the Ex," which peaked at No.

2 on the Billboard Hot 100, or her first single, 1998's “It’s All About Me,” which reached No. The quality of the music, though, continues to evolve as she challenges herself as an artist.

At 36, Mya has managed to maintain the mystique of celebrity.

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