Internet explorer not updating history

Use the System Information script to detect and update your browser plug-ins.

The following document covers the steps required to update your browser.

For optimal viewing and security we recommend that you keep your browser up to date.

A: The reason you may not be seeing the updates on your site is because your computer is displaying a cached (older) version of the page.

Using Internet Explorer as your browser, it is the 'Refresh' icon (a small icon next to your web address box at the top of the screen that has 2 small green arrows).

Using Safari as your browser, the page refresh is a gray arrow in a circle at the top of the screen that says 'Stop/ Refresh'.

The above procedure for clearing cache and cookies should work for the majority of websites, but certain website and applications such as Wisc Mail require a more thorough procedure.

If you are still having issues, try to steps below.

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