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“I’m playing an old geezer in a commercial tomorrow.”“So it’s typecasting,” says Shelly Kasten, another former Chicago nightclub owner. It was one of the props he used when, as he has said, he re-invented himself, just like the Great Gatsby. He often says, “I’m living the fantasy life of an adolescent boy.”Regina’s one of the girlfriends.“I can’t tell them apart,” says Kasten.“Neither can he,” says Doc.“He gives them numbers,” Kent says.“Ninety-nine, Barbara Feldon,” Don Adams says. They look remarkably alike, in tight jeans—each the kind of girl you meet at a bowling alley in Sheboygan, the best-looking blonde in a no-account town. Flashes of platinum hair—white teeth—bare midriffs—jewelry from the mall.“Hi, honey! Hef and his sons dressed up for Halloween—the boys have Edvard Munch In Hef’s mirrored dressing room, adjoining his bathroom, four of the girlfriends are getting ready to go out. Katie yanks a towel around her dress.“Oh, so it looks like you’re getting ready? The pictures are for his wall; for his 1,385-volume personal scrapbook, which resides in a room upstairs; or for the opening pages of (“The World of Playboy”), which chronicle his life.“Cheeeese! She’s from Scottsdale, Arizona.“And there was some fascination about being a centerfold—and shooting was everything I thought it would be.

They’ve finished their turkey, and now the butlers—the young guys slinking around in black vests, black pants—have cleared the plates away. He also compares himself to Don Juan and James Bond. “Had a droopy eye, made her sexy.”Hef comes back, humming, smiling.“Mr. ” they say, almost in unison.“Meet Girl Scout Troop 36,” Hef says, with a kind of ironic pride.“Honey, we got Chinese food,” the girlfriends say.“It gives you that inscrutable look,”says Hef. ” says Cathi, the youngest one, 19, tromping over on platforms.“Ooooh,” Hef says. Hef’s marriage to Kimberley had come at the end of a very rough decade for Playboy Enterprises, his empire, which at one point had included a magazine with a circulation of seven million, clubs and casinos all over the world, and a DC-9 called which Hefner claimed was the only passenger plane ever to be painted black. And yet the hard-core porn trade was also flourishing, cutting into what Hef calls the “classier” profits. Three of them are naked—Tina, Regina, and Cathi—breasts bobbing like melons under cellophane as they blow their platinum hair out. ”After he’s gone, Tina says, low, “I just started my wardrobe shoot for my centerfold. And the pictures—I’m really, really happy with them.

The men are hunched around a backgammon coffee table, waiting for Hef to appear. “But now he calls sex ‘the garbage.’”Hef’s last set of girlfriends, “Brande, Sandy, Mandy, and Jessica” (Sandy and Mandy were twins), all moved out of the Mansion as of August 2000. Hef called Kimberley his “Playmate for a Lifetime.”“I’d been looking for love in all the wrong places,” he told reporters.

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Nonetheless, it seems Hugh has forgotten all about Miz Marquardt as she continued: Awkward!There’s an old-man silence.“Hef’s a minute late.”“He must be in the tub,” says Adams.“No, he has two more minutes,” says Keith Hefner. He smells a little of liquor just now; in the evenings he likes to take a drink of Jack Daniel’s and Diet Pepsi. ” He’s taking Hef’s blood pressure, as he does a few nights a week. She hands him a photograph—seven platinum heads and bubbly cleavage. Hef says, “It was cool.”Throughout the 80s, the Moral Majority had waged a campaign against pornography from the right, while Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinem attacked from the left. In the 80s, the magazine’s circulation fell to 3.5 million, from which it has never recovered. There’s the sound of the dryers and R&B music playing. When I had to take antibiotics even for my breast surgery, people would come up to me and say, ‘Clap—’”“Hey, you bitch,” says Cathi, finally catching on, “I do not have that! Aw, you all look so purty,” he says.“Honey, take a picture! I’m probably Miss May or June, but we won’t know until after I get my centerfold done. The theme of it would kind of be ‘country girl,’ but when I say that, I don’t mean cowboy hats and boots—I mean English-riding, more classy-type country style. “His pressure would go sky-high.” The men from Card Night are having their milk shakes and warm oatmeal cookies before going home to bed.And it appears as though Hugh Hefner has made this fact abundantly clear as the was accused by some of being stuck in the past."I didn't immediately realize that all girlfriends were required to sleep with Hef," Madison writes.2.Hef would take photos of his girlfriends and him every night before they went out, then have them delivered to each girlfriend's door the next morning.

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