Formula dating younger people

But only 11 per cent of women aged 45 to 64 and just two per cent of those aged 65 and over confessed to a drinking binge.

Overall, more than half (54 per cent) of adults admitted drinking alcohol at least once a week, with 26 per cent drinking at least twice a week.

As people get older they tend to drink more often - with over a fifth (22 per cent) of men aged 65 and over drinking almost every day compared with just three per cent of men aged 16 to 24.

Among women, 12 per cent of over-65s drink alcohol almost every day compared with just one per cent of young women aged 16 to 24.

” Here are some of the best tips: Friendship asked 158 healthy people enrolled in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Ageing (BLSA) about age stereotpyes.

When the participants were revisited around 25 years later, it was found that those with negative views towards ageing had greater loss of hippocampus volume - the area of the brain assocaited with Alzheimer's disease, Time reported.

For their part, the men like the sophistication and life success of their older mates, she explains.

It's not what you think -- the stamina or "re-boot" ability of the younger male.

The women like the flexibility and sense of adventure of their more spontaneous, younger companions, Tina B.

Look at if from a different perspective, rather than saying, 'well, if Stirling Moss says that, we can't do it'.

In this day and age I think more and more women are coming and saying, 'I can do this, thanks very much'." The 36 year-old adds: "I'm at the top, this proves you can do it, there aren't any barriers to entry.

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