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Please send your essay in an email (no attachments, please). Department of Labor Occupational Fatalities per 100,000, Year 1999.)Commercial Fishermen 162Timber Cutters 154Air Pilots 65Construction Laborers 37Garbage Collectors 34Truck Drivers 28Electricians 12Gardeners (non farm) 11Police 11Carpenters 7So the real deal is this, police officers don't lay their lives on the line any more than the person who plants the petunias on your patio.

By Marie De Santis, Women's Justice Center Everyday police are out there risking their lives for you and me. And what urgent difference does it make to you, your sisters, your daughters, and friends? Rank the following six occupations according to their rate of on-the-job fatalities, starting from the most dangerous to the least dangerous: air pilot, police officer, truck driver, electrician, construction laborer, gardener (non-farm). Department of Labor, along with a few other occupations to give you an idea of the range. The numbers vary some from year to year, but the ranking of fatality rates remains basically the same as you see it here.

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