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Super Junior Donghae showed his amateur dating skills with Son Eun Seo.

In MBC TV 'We Got Married' aired on the 10th, Donghae went on a date with Son Eun Seo to a theme park.

i don't know what i would be doing without you here right now! please remain the happy girl you are today and keep slaying us in the future! and there are rumors that today is also dawon's birthday. I bought their album with the poster so I always love to look at her !!!

A representative in the entertainment industry stated, "The two started to become interested in each other while filming for the drama, and their relationship naturally progressed into a romantic one.

Choi Jin Hyuk fell in love with Son Eun Seo's casual and good-tempered nature, and they're currently dating.""Like any other lovely couple, Son Eun Seo was in Choi Jin Hyuk's arms as they walked through Garosugil on a date.

Though they both wore casual clothing and baseball caps, [people still noticed them immediately]." Son Eun Seo is known for her roles in the dramas 'Princess has Returned', 'Flames of Desire', 'Spy Myung Wol', and 'Love Rain', as well as the films 'Humming', 'If You Were Me 4', and 'Whispering Corridors 5'.

Choi Jin Hyuk previously starred in the dramas 'Pasta', 'It's Okay, Daddy's Girl', and 'I Need Romance'.

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