Do nice guys finish last dating

The fact that I'm just being myself, it hurts to hear that. I asked my best friend out and her response was, "I don't look at you as more than a friend, and I don't want to ruin the relationship".

And it’s not that those good and nice girls are from a distant world. They must have known exactly who those guys are, how they treated girls and women before.

This seems to be the desire of the Gen-Y woman, yet, we often hear them say, “I just want a nice guy.” Sounds pretty hypocritical, eh? A nice guy waltzes into a woman's life and she immediately leads him into the friend zone, no questions asked.

However, when she stumbles upon the antithesis of that, she relentlessly finds herself at his feet, becoming what our dating society refers to as a “stage-five clinger,” or simply, “crazy.”Women are full of paradoxes.

Did you realize that your inbox fills up with enthralling text messages from him, on a regular basis? In the complex world of women, guys like Paul don't stand a chance. Yes, it's true: Women want the chase, they ache for the struggle and they thirst for the wonder. Douse them with your sadistic MOs, and you will find them hanging onto your every word, at your convenience.

Don't forget the flowers he brought you on your second date. The truth is, nice guys don't offer women a challenge. Apparently, if you're the nice guy, your existence won't even appear in her radar.

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