Denny hamlin dating

Sources reveal that both of them are planning on getting married this year.The pair are proud parents to daughter Taylor James Hamlin, who was born on January 20 ,2013.Soon after Hamlin and Fish talked on the phone, but went their separate ways – Hamlin was still in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Kristin Buntain.But after eight years of dating, Hamlin and Buntain broke up, and shortly following he and Fish reunited when she contacted him to see if he would sponsor her for the Miss South Carolina USA pageant.

It can be seen that Hamlin and Fish have left no stone unturned to show their love to their daughter .Afterwards, Fish took Hamlin out for a “thank-you” dinner and the rest is history – the two have been dating ever since.Just over two years ago on January 20, 2013, Fish gave birth to her and Hamlin’s first child, Taylor James Hamlin.Hamlin’s longtime girlfriend, Jordan Fish, tweeted just before the “Great American Race” that their first child, 4-year-old daughter Taylor, soon will have a brother or sister.Fish tweeted a photo of Taylor wearing a “Big Sister In Training” shirt that told the whole story.

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