Dbml not updating

if you customise it by modifying the access, renaming mapped columns, or add associations e.g. I also had another issue – my database has above 250 tables and views in it.

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Also as Microsoft have said they're not going to be providing any more updates for LINQ to SQL, they're concentrating on the Entity Framework, it seems like a technology which will fade away.Since I started using LINQ to SQL on a regular basis, I've been working with stored procedures.LINQ syntax is great, but I tend to use the LINQ syntax just on LINQ to Objects.Check out the PLINQO site at have a look at the intro videos.The second tool I know of are the Huagati DBML/EDMX tools, which allow update of DBML (Linq-to-SQL) and EDMX (Entity Framework) mapping files, and more (like naming conventions etc.).

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