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The hallmark for sterling silver varies from nation to nation, often using distinctive historic symbols, although Dutch and UK Assay offices no longer strike their traditional hallmarks exclusively in their own territories and undertake assay in other countries using marks that are the same as those used domestically.One of the most highly structured hallmarking systems in the world is that of the United Kingdom, (Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and Ireland.“There is a common misconception that the younger generation does not want sterling silver, but dinner parties and hosting are making a comeback and a sterling silver flatware service is a must have for any proper dining table.” Today sterling silver adds style and ceremony to any table, regardless of your dinner party rules.Here’s a breakdown of key types and important considerations before you start building or complimenting your collection.

Hallmarking began in England around 1300 and became mandatory in 1363.

Sometimes the shapes of serving utensils didn’t tell you much about their use.

A 19th-century sardine fork might reasonably be mistaken for a miniature lawn rake, while the cake servers from that era often look like hair combs.

To find a set in such complete, pristine condition, nestled in its original chest and stand, is truly exceptional. Grosjean was one of the most influential silversmiths in Tiffany's history.

The son of a silversmith, he joined Tiffany as the manager of the company’s Prince Street silverworks and he quickly became a driving force in the overall success of Tiffany’s silver business.

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