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Port au Choix has been occupied by human groups almost continuously for over four thousand years.

The earliest evidence of human occupation pertains to the Maritime Archaic Indians, who created a large cemetery which they used from 4400-3300 BP (years before present).

The Legislative Library was first noted in the Journal of the House of Assembly in 1836, just three years after Representative Government was granted to the colony of Newfoundland.

The Legislative Library provides access to several in-house developed and maintained databases as well as commercial research databases.The Facebook page is called NL Hockey Chat and a group description is as follows. Wanted Lawyer for Family Court I'm seeking a good, reasonably priced Lawyer for Family Court. I have rode all the streets of town myself and well riding with others would be much more ...If you know of someone or have had a good experience with one please let me know of him or her. Friends for toddler play dates Hello I am recently back to NL from living away and looking to find like moms with toddlers around my childs age. Despite extensive site surveys on the Point Riche and Port au Choix Peninsulas from 1984 to 1986 and from 1990 to 1992, the Port au Choix Archaeology Project was unable to locate the Maritime Archaic settlement site that must have complemented the cemetery [1, 2].Sites pre-dating the cemetery were not found, consistent with the known prehistory of the Island of Newfoundland which has no known sites earlier than 5000 BP [3, 4].

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