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Campsite Roland is a campsite in Afferden, Limburg.

The campsite has which are marked out and pitches with some shade.

Limburg is a province in the south east of the Netherlands.

It looks a little like a tail or a foot, sticking into Belgium and Germany.

It's a charming, lilting language punctuated by phlegm-trembling glottal gs (not in the south) and schs (also found, for example, in Arabic).

Dutch, especially in written form, is partially intelligible to someone who knows other Germanic languages (especially German and Frisian), and you might be able to get along at least partially in these languages if spoken slowly.

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Camping Card ACSI is a useful little card that will earn you up to 50% discount on your holiday!

There are many different kinds of trips you can make from your campsite: Limburg has numerous delightful cities.

The cities below are just the ones you really ought to visit while on a camping holiday in Limburg: You might be looking forward to some cycling with a beautiful backdrop while at your campsite.

When travelling through Friesland you will come across many roadsigns in two languages (similar to Wales and South Tyrol). Everybody speaks Dutch, but the Frisians are so protective of the minority language that ordering a beer in it might just get you the next one free.

"They all speak English there" is quite accurate for the Netherlands.

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