Dating at bigfoot

The Finding Bigfoot Team head to Australia to investigate their version of Bigfoot, the Yowie.

This bizarre story involves a man who believes he saw a Yowie at his window and woke to find that his goats were savagely attacked, potentially by the ...

It really is the best state for Bigfoot to see and be seen.

Heavily forested and with the fifth most designated wilderness acreage in the country, Washington State provides exceptional habitat and a Bigfoot-positive culture.

It even used the Sasquatch as the mascot for its now vanished NBA team—the Seattle Super Sonics.

With over 428 sightings, California has the second highest number in the United States.

According to the Bigfoot Field Reseachers Organization (BFRO), the Evergreen State has far and away the most “credible sightings” of any other state with 537.This week, the team splits into four groups to cover more ground in Idaho.Matt and his partner Rob meet with two witnesses who claim to have seen a large figure - along with tracks - up on a hill near a casino in Idaho. The team splits up into four teams with four other fellow Squatchers to cover as much Idaho ground as possible.Lowe says he and his sons were camping there to investigate a bigfoot-like creature known to locals as a “wood ape” during a shoot for “The Lowe Files” when something began to approach their camp.Lowe says he was lying on the ground thinking he was going to be killed.

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