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Hong Kong, Mongkok: Der bevölkerungsreichste Ort der Welt, Schauplatz einer atemlosen "Cops vs. Als der Sohn eines Gangsterbosses getötet wird, soll ein Killer die Schuldigen ermorden.Die Polizei versucht ihn aufzuhalten und gleichzeitig einen Bandenkrieg zu verhindern. For those who don’t know, Shane Black is responsible for writing cult-classic 80’s/90’s films like ; another film-noir buddy comedy set in the seedy 70’s starring talented actors, not known for their comedic chops, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and newcomer Angourie Rice. A brand-spanking new film by renowned action-maestro Shane Black.

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Set in 1977 of Los Angeles, Ryan Gosling stars as Holland March, an inept private detective who is on a case of finding Amelia (Margaret Qualley), a porn star whom other people are after to kill.

Will they be able to solve the case before more people die, including Amelia? Director Shane Black is well-known for turning action movie tropes on its head, even in his Marvel superhero film entry,, the two leading characters are not that different from each other.

They both have troubling pasts; they both have troubles with alcohol and they both question their contributions to society.

This is a refreshing viewpoint that does not lend off to clichés that involve bonding and pure bickering due to their incredible accessibility towards each other.

Another trope that is turned on its head is the fact that the characters deliberately avoid any confrontation and it pays off to hilarious effect.

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