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They lovingly entitled it: “Excessive Masturbation: Do you have a Hand up on the Average American?” (We’ll pause for a second to allow you to admire their incorporation of the phrase “hand up” in a survey about excessive masturbation.) They surveyed over 1000 men and women (63% of respondents were women), and then released the results – some of which are very interesting.– While the majority (57.8%) were not ashamed about their masturbating habits, 18.3% were “extremely” ashamed and 23.8% were “slightly” ashamed.– And on the shame factor – 45.4% said that masturbation has caused problems in their relationship. Our immediate reactions to this survey were: Don’t these people have JOBS? How can they possibly find the time to masturbate that often?Specifically, they wanted to know how often people have ‘me time’ (so to speak).This addiction facility – called Morningside Recovery – put together a survey.

– Apparently 20.4% of people masturbate at least three or more times a day. – The great majority of people (79.6%) masturbate 0-2 times per day.

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