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His inner “bastard” came out, roaring at full speed. Those skills and that aggression were both on display at the 1987 All-Star race.

Earnhardt was in the lead when Bill Elliot pulled up and with a tap sent Earnhardt sideways, shooting through the grassy infield. Instead he created one of the most legendary moments in race history.

Dagen Mc Dowell, born as Mary Dagen Mc Dowell is an American newscaster currently working for the Fox News Channel as its business correspondent and is also working on the network as the anchor for the Fox Business Network. Born in the year 1969 January 7 at Brookneal, Campbell County, Virginia, United States, Dagen belongs to Irish background. She has graduated from the Wake Forest University with the degree in Art History.

She is also a business contributor on the Imus in the Morning radio show and also a regular guest on the Fox News Channel’s show called Hannity. As a youth, she already knew where she wanted to pursue her career in.

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As Sports by Brooks informs us, the Enquirer has sources on record saying NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Later on, she worked for The having her own personal finance column called as “Dear Dagen” where she used to help her audiences solving their questions and issues.

Until the time, she did not have the experience in working in the television arena i.e on air.

And while everyone calls him Dale or Junior or JR, one person who has gotten very close to him prefers to call him by his given name.

Amy Reimann, Junior’s girlfriend, has apparently taken to calling him a name everyone else doesn’t – other than maybe his mother – namely, Ralph (see Junior’s tweet below). Ralph, has obviously become quite the tweeter, it would appear.

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