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When the two meet again in Tunis, Tamerlane has run afoul of the barbaric Corsair Lords, one of whom Tanya's wicked cousin is forcing her to marry.

To avoid this dire fate, Tanya must arrange for a "dark horse" to win the forthcoming great race...which means a battle of wits between Tanya and Tamerlane, taking romantic overtones...

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The University of Nevada, Reno Library offers a general-information "Chat with us" service through the university Web site in conjunction with the "Ask a librarian" service available through library Web pages.

This site is the official this is where you will need to come to chat with Arabs.

we make it easy for you so that you can quickly get to chatting and start with the fun.

See more » Your enjoyment of this will depend on your ability to swallow the preposterous liberties the studios took with casting in the 50's.

In this instance we have the Irish Maureen O' Hara, slight lilt intact, and the Jewish Jeff Chandler playing an Arabian princess and a Bedouin chieftain respectively racing around what is obviously the California desert standing in for the Sahara.

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