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The canadian drama series "Heartland" shows Amber Marshall in the lead role of Amy Fleming, who has got the talent of "horse whispering" and heals distressed horses on her family's ranch.

In real life Amber, too, lives in the countryside with her animals, and here she talks about her day on the set of "Heartland", what working with horses is like and how she pictures her dream film project.

But yeah, it’s two weeks for two episodes and and there’s breaks for holidays and other stuff in between. You know, I haven’t heard anything, I haven’t even got a script yet. I come back in Season 4 having traveled, but that’s really all I know. I know Shawn Johnson, who plays Jack, plays all the time, he loves it. This year, I think it was a tie and then we went to a shoot out, and then we lost in the shoot out. If they go there, they can post comments and I check them and try to reply to them.

Chris Potter has played, Jake Church, who plays Jake in the show, he also plays and then there are a lot of crew members that play as well. It was fun, it was a charity thing, so we just had a lot of fun and Santa Claus was the referee. I had a fan email but it unfortunately got out of hand, because I couldn’t reply to everyone on that, but my website, or my twitter, people can post comments and I read them all, it just takes me awhile to get back to them. Do you have a funny story you can tell us that happened during filming, maybe something that didn’t go quite right? The first season, I had a little motorcycle that was kind of like a dirt bike, and I had a scene where I was supposed to be a little upset and Amy was trying to get me to stay and I was mad about something, so I was trying to leave.

The horses on set are working just as hard as any of us humans and in my opinion they don't get enough credit.

The main animal character on the show is a black Quarter-Horse named Spartan. We always have to laugh on set when Spartan is sleeping in the barn as we set up a shot, and then as soon as we roll the cameras he is alert and on his mark.

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The series started in 2007 with Coming Home and Season 10 premiered October 2, 2016 on CBC.My younger brother is in Victoria going to theater school right now.He’s big into theatre and improv, so he continues to act and my two younger sisters, one of them is into sports and one of them is into dancing and she’s also an artist as well so most of us have creative backgrounds, you could say.She and Andrew East said their "I do's" in a romantic, rustic wedding in April.(Photo: Instagram) Dianna Agron wed Mumford & Sons musician Winston Marshall in late October -- and we're totally obsessed with her wedding dress.

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